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Logistics in the last years has been revalued from all companies, since it represents the means through which it is possible to carry out strategic and economic improvements in the production and service fields.

The present approach is based on the concept of outsourcing all activities that are not part of the company's core business. It is therefore necessary to outsource reliable partners to not lose the efficacy reached in the tertiarization of some services, and to transform fixed costs in variable costs.

The San Paolo Company proposes itself with kept down prices as a partner for services of occasional work labour or internal and/or external tertiarization with possible repurchase of the movement means of transportation. The topics developped in our cooperation projects with the companies are summerized in:

>> The reaching of quality and performance objectives through the mediation between companies that supply staff

>>Use of tools and/or movement means in fee with remarkable economy and abandoning of the problems concerning the maintenance for Your Company.

>> To carry out and define a project, with specific services that correspond to Your needs, we ask You to do an inspection in order to figure out the necessary means and to make a preemption.



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